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bed bug exterminators in northern Virginia

The Longest Guarantee in
Bed Bug Extermination Comes Standard

Bed Bug & Beyond knows bed bugs. In fact, it's all we do.


Proudly serving: Washington, D.C., Arlington, VA, Manassas, Fairfax, and all of Northern Virginia. 


Clients hire us for the most effective bed bug treatment in the business. 

You will return to a bed bug free home, never to worry about this issue again.


We Guarantee our work for an industry leading 6 months. No fine print.


Heat Treatment

Our heat remediation process is a same day elimination treatment that kills ALL stages of bed bugs including larva and eggs without the use of chemicals.


Treat Your Luggage

Bed Bug & Beyond treats your luggage,too. Our machines, run at a nuclear, moisture free, 360 deg. F., killing bed bugs and their EGGS on contact.


6 Month Guarantee

Your Home will be Free of Bed Bugs after our Heat Treatment.​ Our Technicians will never sell you anything, you will see the evidence that we see, in plain sight. 

Think You Have Bed Bugs? Here's What Not To Do

Bed bugs can hide in crevices so tiny that they often go undetected.


Undetected bed bugs reproduce with other undetected bed bugs, multiplying exponentially and quickly, especially during the summer months. Once in your home bed bugs can be difficult to exterminate yourself, but why?  


Did you know that some retail bed bug products can actually drive bed bugs deeper into hiding?

The shock of discovering bed bugs often leads to panic buying of retail bed bug sprays, or worse, aerosol bombs, that can actually do more harm than good. The active ingredient in many of these products is pyrethroid, which many bed bugs have developed immunity for, making these sprays not only useless but harmful as they can irritate and scatter a previously contained bed bug infest.

The most effective bed bug treatment begins with a thorough inspection with an experienced bed bug technician. If your home indicates active bed bugs and you decide to proceed with treatment, we use heat as a primary treatment modality.  

Following the heat we use a 100% non-toxic, safe for pets and humans, bed bug desiccant. It's actually a synthetic powder, think of it as razor wire for bed bugs. This powder dries out and slices up the bed bug's exoskeleton and they're completely dead within 24 hours upon making contact.

It is highly recommended that you hire a Bed Bug Professional to inspect and apply the appropriate treatment.


Bed Bugs are all we do. We use heat and non-toxic desiccants for 100% bed bug extermination. 


--- Bed Bug & Beyond

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