Bed Bug Luggage & Moving

Drive Luggage Into Our Shop Before Into Your Home.

Bed Bug & Beyond treats your luggage,too*.

Our machines, run at a nuclear, moisture free, 360 deg. F., killing bed bugs and their EGGS on contact. Can you spot the bed bug eggs laid on an external zipper seam in our short video? Auto and Luggage Service is provided free of charge to clients with confirmed residential infests.

*drive-in service provided by technicians at our Manassas facility

Bed Bug Luggage Heat Treatment

Bedbugs have not gone away, they've just found new places to hide. But the answer to the bedbug apocalypse might be right in your closet, or under your bed. The latest weapon in the battle against the pesky critters? LuggageThe Achilles' heel of a bedbug is heat. They die if it gets to 140 degrees.

Keeping Your Luggage Safe

A number of ways to reduce bedbug infestations when traveling include: keeping your suitcase off the floor, closing it when not in use, inspecting the hotel's bed, sheets and headboard upon arrival and putting your clothes in a hot dryer when returning home. Advice on bedbug control can be found on the EPA website.


525 N. Thomas Street

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525 N. Thomas Street

Arlington, VA 22203



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