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3 Reasons Why Super Clean People Get Bed Bugs

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

The most effective bed bug treatment uses equipment created just for bed bug extermination.

Ideally, an experienced bed bug exterminator will perform the work. One who, for example, can detect the difference between bed bug bites and oak mite bites from last year's cicada invasion.

An experienced bed bug treatment professional can also tell you why even the cleanest and most domesticated among us get bed bugs.

Some bugs thrive in unclean environments. If you were a cockroach you would have to scavenge around looking for food. Where better to look than a dirty home! Crumbs, old fast food wrappers, and spilled drinks all provide necessary cockroach nutrients that will attract even more roaches.

Bed Bugs, however, don't prefer a dirty home over a clean home because bed bugs don't scavenge around looking for partially discarded food. Bed bugs, like mosquitoes, are parasites, finely tuned evolutionary vampires that just want to drink your blood (and reproduce, a lot).

So slight that they don't even walk (or fly) into your home: a bed bug "hitchhikes" into your home on a person's clothes, backpack or luggage.

Just one pregnant bed bug hitchhiker will lay her eggs once she has reached her new home.

This marks the start of a new bed bug infest in your home.

Your new bed bug roommate will now use its senses to detect: human breath and body heat.

This tells the bed bug exactly where in your home to find its next blood meal.

Bed Bugs usually come out around 4 a.m. to avoid detection.

So what factors increase the likelihood of getting bed bugs?

  1. Location - if you're reading this you are probably in a location where bed bug exposure is not uncommon.

  2. Kids - the more people that come in and out of your household on a daily basis increases the likelihood of bed bug exposure in your home.

  3. Travel - those who travel frequently will face significantly increased bed bug exposure thereby increasing the likelihood of picking up a bed bug hitchhiker.

If it happens, don't panic (really. try not to panic. stuff happens. we got this.) .

Bed Bug & Beyond is a dedicated bed bug heat treatment exterminator that offers bed bug inspection and guaranteed heat treatment.

Call everyone else first and then call us for a free phone consultation.

Inspection Tip: Don't forget to remove the 4 plastic corners from your box spring as bed bugs love to hide underneath the plastic.

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