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box spring and mattress protected from bed bugs after heat treatment

The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment

The most effective bed bug treatment involves heat.


Not just any heat, but the right kind of heat, using dedicated bed bug killing equipment. 

Any good bed bug exterminator knows how to use heat equipment. A great bed bug exterminator also knows bed bug behavioral patterns.

Our industry leading Guarantee requires HeatFloss: dry pulses of sterile heat as part of our IPM strategy. Just as brushing and mouthwash won't get what floss will, HeatFloss is an applied technology, getting where the eye can't see and where bed bugs hide: insulated areas. Patented bed bug technology from Italy.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Solution

Bed Bug & Beyond is one of the few providers servicing Washington, D.C., Arlington and all of Northern Virginia., offering bed bug removal using heat as a primary treatment. This is a tested means of effective bed bug removal without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. Comes with our industry leading 6 month guarantee.

What is Bedbug Heat Treatment?

Latest scientific research has indicated that bed bugs are extremely prone to hot temperature and cannot survive it for more than a few hours. We have state of the art heat equipment that generates enough heat to kill off all bugs and their eggs instantly. This type of extermination of bedbugs prevents the bugs to escape the heat, as the entire area is very hot for them to survive in. There is no use of any chemicals or pesticides with our Bed Bug Heat Treatment and it is 100% natural with just the use of heat!

How Does It Work?


Our technicians start the service by an inspection of the property to determine the type of heat generating equipment to use. 


Take the headboard and box spring apart as these are the main areas that bed bugs live


We then utilize our special heat treatment to treat the infected area


Cleaning of all the dead bed bugs and thorough inspection to ensure 100% elimination of the bed bugs

Benefits of Bed Bug Heat Treatment

  • Latest technique for extermination of bed bugs

  • Safe and quick with 100% elimination

  • Environmentally safe and no leftover fumes

  • Heat penetrates all areas of the infestation including the furniture

  • Premises is available for use immediately after treatment is provided

  • Kills bed bugs, eggs, larvae, nymphs, and  life stages of the pest

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